Water JugA note from David:

In 2004 Deanna and I went to Guatemala on our honeymoon. We weren’t looking for a project, but I visited a school while I was there that had significant needs that we thought we could help meet. In the years since then, we’ve worked with over a dozen schools and libraries in Guatemala to support construction projects, teachers’ salaries, equipment, book and furniture purchases through the organization we founded that year, PEG Partners.

PEG has high standards in the area of financial ethics. Absolutely no money from donations is designated for administrative costs, printing or transportation unless the donor specifies that a portion may be used for those expenses. The US staff is all volunteer, and we have always had just enough in the administrative budget to cover the minimal costs we incur (primarily some travel expenses to Guatemala, a bit for printing and phone calls and the costs of maintaining a web site). I am thrilled to resume my position as (volunteer) director of the organization now that I have returned from time in Australia and India.

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